Black horse with Fitted Green Blanket

Freedom Fit Blanket


Give Your Horse the Freedom it Deserves!

Problems Caused
by Other Blankets

Coat Rub

Shoulder Rubs

Restricted Neckline

Saggy Necklin

Narrow Chest

Wide Chest

Yukon Freedom Fit Blanket Adjustable Yoke

Adjustable Neck and Chest

Most horse blankets are not adjustable to fit different neck set and chest width of different breeds of horses.

They either have a high set or low set necks and a narrow chest or wide chest.

Yukon Blankets with their patented separate Yoke, allows you to adjust the neck higher or lower by the use of simple stainless steel thumbsnaps.

Saggy neck lines are never an issue with Yukon Blankets. With 4 D rings on the yoke, you can adjust the neckline to the correct fit for your horse’s neck conformation.

Yokes are available in 3 different widths. Small, Medium, Wide.

Room to move

Freedom of Movement

Loss of fur on shoulders and chest are the result of blankets that restricting the natural shoulder movement of the horse.

Yukon blankets have an exclusive, patented angular gusset that follow the angle of the horses shoulder.

This feature allows total freedom of movement for the shoulders. The patented sliding connectors attaching the yoke to the blanket also helps to eliminate any movement restriction horses chest and shoulders.