About Us

The Brand

One day, in the winter of 2016, as she was un-blanketing the horse, “a bolt of inspiration, like lightning hit”. She envisioned a shoulder gusset that would be angled to follow the angle of the horse’s shoulder and a separate piece that looked like a “Y” or yoke over the chest with sliding connection points that would relieve any binding or pressure spots on the horse’s shoulders and chest.

After many mock ups, prototypes and manufactures, the patented Yukon Freedom Fit turnout blanket is ready for the market place.
Best of all, the Yukon Freedom Fit blanket is 100% MANUFACTURED at a small American Owned sewing company in southern Ohio. When you purchase a Yukon Freedom Fit blanket, you are supporting an America First company with American Citizen Employees.

Pam's Bio

Pam Heintz, a British Horse Society Instructor, Instructor & Former Director for the local Dayton Area Pony Club and long-time horse enthusiast and native Daytonian grew up in the small town of Trotwood Ohio (appropriate for a horse lover) just North West of Dayton Ohio.

Dayton Ohio, known as the birthplace of invention, has brought the world many pivotal inventions like the airplane, pull-top openers on pop cans, and the folding step ladder, just to name a few.Well, the Inspirational bolt of enlightenment has struck the Dayton area again with the designed and patented Yukon Freedom Fit Horse Blanket.

Every year Pam would blanket her show horse in the winter and every year, despite what blanket the horse wore, it would get a spot on the left shoulder were the fur would be rubbed off. Pam, being a creative seamstress, who makes clothing, wedding/prom dresses and even dog coats was determined to create a solution.