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Yukon Freedom Fit blankets are designed as waterproof turnout blankets.

Features include:

Yoke Front, Angular Gusset and Sliding Connectors       These patented features make the Yukon Freedom Blanket unique from any other blanket and the market.  The features allow you to get a custom fit for your horse’s neck chest and shoulder conformation. 

The unique design of the Yukon Blanket also eliminates the movement restriction of the shoulder and chest areas that lead to fur loss and coat rubs.

3 different thicknesses

  • Unlined Turnout: Ideal for rainy days or when you want to keep mud off your horse’s body.
  • Medium Weight Turnout:  200-gram quilted lining adds a layer of warmth for protection against cold rain and snow.
  • Heavy Weight Turnout 400-gram quilted lining adds warmth without restricting movement. Protects against cold temperatures, wind, and snow.

Large Tail Flap Protects against wind whipping under the blanket

Replaceable Rear Leg Straps       Adjustable, Non-elastic web leg straps allow for easy replacement if needed. However, with no elastic to stretch out or fray, and heavy-duty stainless steel snaps and D rings, these leg straps should last the life of your blanket.

Single Girth Surcingle  Our experience has found that by having a single surcingle right behind the front legs and rear leg straps, the blanket moves more evenly and doesn’t bind or pull the front of the blanket towards the rear of the horse

Colors:  Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Hunter Green, Red,  Black

Sizes: 72,  74,  76,  78,  80,  82  
Measurement should be taken from the center of the horse's chest, along the side of the ribs to the center of the tail bone.

Yoke Sizes: Narrow Chest (9 - 11"), Regular Chest (12" - 14"),  Wide Chest (15" - 17")
Measurement should be taken between the bony points of the shoulders. 


Common problems when trying to find a blanket to fit your horse.

Can't Adjust

Most blankets are not adjustable to fit different neck set and chest width of different breeds of horses.

Yukon Blankets Are Adjustable

Yukon Blankets with the patented separate Yoke, allows you to adjust the neck higher or lower by the use of simple stainless steel thumb snaps.

Yokes are available in 3 different widths. Small, Medium, Wide

Shoulder Rubs from Blanket

Loss of Fur

Loss of fur on shoulders and chest are the result of blankets that restricting the natural shoulder movement of the horse:

  • Coat Rubs
  • Shoulder rubs
  • Skin abrasion

Yukon Blanket Angular Gusset

Yukon Blankets Allow Freedom of Movement

Yukon Blankets have an exclusive, patented angular gusset that follow the angle of the horses shoulder. This feature allows total freedom of movement for the shoulders. The patented sliding connectors attaching the yoke to the blanket also helps to eliminate any movement restriction horse’s chest and shoulders.

Saggy neck lines are never an issue with Yukon Blankets.
With 4 D rings on the yoke, you can adjust the neckline to the correct fit for
your horse’s neck conformation.