Yukon Quick Fit Halter

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The Yukon Quick Fit Halters are perfect for a quick way to lead horses to and from fields.

One size fits many horses. The Quick Fit halter is made of double-layered 2-inch nylon webbing with an adjustable lead rope that is 100% USA-made and will not ever get stiff or fade from U.V. light.

The Quick Fit halter comes in 4 sizes and 5 colors.

Pony size (28” crown piece) fits 12h and under

Cobb size (31” crown piece) fits smaller headed horses OR 12.1h – 13.3h pony/horses
Horse size (38” crown piece) fits most 14 h to 17 h horses
Draft size (48” crown piece) fits full-size Draft heads and over 17h